Wednesday 10 December 2014

How to mount Boxcryptor Classic encrypted folder on Linux Mint 17 Rebecca

Hi everyone,

Recently I'm having problem regarding to mounting a Boxcryptor Classic folder. Many solutions on the internet suggesting that .enfs6.xml should exist in order for encfs to recognized encrypted folder.

I realized that Keyfile.bcx in Boxcryptor Classic encrypted folder is .encfs6.xml file.

You just need to do this step.

Open Terminal and cd to your encrypted folder

cd /path/to/encrypted/folder

Copy Keyfile.bcx to .encfs6.xml

cp Keyfile.bcx .encfs6.xml

if you haven't install encfs and cryptkeeper yet, you need to install it first to mount the encrypted folder

sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper encfs

I like to use command line, so i just use encfs

encfs ~/Dropbox/Encrypted-Folder ~/Private

I hope my post can help you troubleshoot and solve this problem.

You need to follow your Linux distro guide for installing cryptkeeper and encfs if apt-get is not your distro package manager.

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Anonymous said...

This old post just saved me a bunch of time, thanks!!

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