Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to mount Boxcryptor Classic encrypted folder on Linux Mint 17 Rebecca

Hi everyone,

Recently I'm having problem regarding to mounting a Boxcryptor Classic folder. Many solutions on the internet suggesting that .enfs6.xml should exist in order for encfs to recognized encrypted folder.

I realized that Keyfile.bcx in Boxcryptor Classic encrypted folder is .encfs6.xml file.

You just need to do this step.

Open Terminal and cd to your encrypted folder

cd /path/to/encrypted/folder

Copy Keyfile.bcx to .encfs6.xml

cp Keyfile.bcx .encfs6.xml

if you haven't install encfs and cryptkeeper yet, you need to install it first to mount the encrypted folder

sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper encfs

I like to use command line, so i just use encfs

encfs ~/Dropbox/Encrypted-Folder ~/Private

I hope my post can help you troubleshoot and solve this problem.

You need to follow your Linux distro guide for installing cryptkeeper and encfs if apt-get is not your distro package manager.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

git unable to update local ref (updated 2019-01-09)

Hi everyone.

Just want to share with all of you on how to solve "unable to update local ref" error when you try to "git pull"

# Just delete the .git/logs folder 

$ rm -r .git/logs

and then try to

$ git pull 


Hope I can help all of you that facing the same problem.

You may also use

git gc --prune=now

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Belphemon Wallpaper Digimon Savers Screenshot(Updated 2023-04-19)

Belphemon Rage Mode is a Demon Lord Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Belphegor. One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it represents Mars and the sin of Sloth.

It is said that Belphemon Sleep Mode awakens from its eternal slumber once in a thousand years. When it awakens, it regains its natural shape and changes into an incarnation of rage, and anything that enters its field of vision becomes a target for destruction.

It is said that just by suffering Belphemon Rage Mode's roar, Ultimate Digimon and below will have their data disintegrated and will instantly die, and not even Mega Digimon can escape unharmed.

Since there is not much belphemon picture on the net. I contribute some.

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