Friday 15 July 2011

How to Translate Mozilla Using Narro (Mozilla L10N Malaysia Team)

Here is how you can translate using Narro.

credit to Arky!! Thank bro!

1. To register for an account on Narro using the link given below.

2. After you login, go to the Firefox Aurora project page

3. Click on the 'Translate' tab and enter your translation in the 'Your Translate' tab​0&a=0&sc=0

4. Press save after your done or continue to next translation.

Alternative you can translate whole text at once on your computer and upload using the 'Texts' tab

-Please refer Kamus Dewan, or Jaringan Istilah,

-Ask question? go to maling list or hashtag "mozmy"

-List your name if doing translate here, for records.

Peace and have a nice day.




ak47suk1: Hope more people will join in to contribute to Bahasa Malaysia translation of Firefox.

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