Tuesday 1 September 2009

10 Reasons Why You Need Java Now by Red1 (ADempire)

10 Reasons Why You Need Java Now

1. The world will end in 2012. You got to live life to the fullest.
Dying without knowing Java is like never experiencing sex.

2. Java is the defacto matured ironman of programming languages. I use
to say to my 9 year-old prodigy - If C is the mother of all languages,
then Java is its dad.

3. Java developers fetch higher pay. J2EE architects sleep on business
class flights.

4. If you are more idiot and dumb than my 9 yr-old son then u can
download from www.alice.org and learn the concepts real fast.

5. You can say this to the other gurus, "Heh.. sorry.. I am only good in

6. Top SourceForge projects such as ADempiere are prorgammed in Java.

7. Java has lots of API Libraries that are matured for the serious

8. IBM uses Java.

9. Even Sun dies after giving birth to Java. And Oracle is willing to
take over the biological son.

10. The world has only 10,000 certified Java holders. It is still a
murky blue ocean, not as saturated and cluttered as Python's 50,000 strong.

Taken from OSDC.MY mailing list.

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masokis said...

en red1 ni mmg best bila bersuara..

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