Thursday, 14 May 2009

How to use Pidgin with Tor

Hi everybody,

Today I will show you how to use Tor with Pidgin in Sabily.

Why we need to use Tor?

Some offices, schools, universities and colleges are blocking access to Yahoo Messenger by firewall setting. Tor is a proxy software that will help you bypass the blockage.

How to Install Tor?

1.Add the following ppa to your repository (Repository can be accessed in System > Administration > Software Sources)

deb jaunty main

2. Click Close

3. Open Terminal.

4. Type following instructions in Terminal.

sudo su

gpg --keyserver --recv 94C09C7F

gpg --fingerprint 94C09C7F

gpg --export 94C09C7F | sudo apt-key add -

apt-get update

apt-get install tor

5. After you finished the installation, reboot your pc.

6. Open Pidgin Internet Messenger

7. Go To Accounts > Manage Account

8. Click at your YM account and click Modify

9. Click Advanced Tab

10. Click Proxy Type drop-down menu and select SOCKS 5

11. Set


12. Click Save.

13. Untick your YM account in Accounts and re-tick. Or you can restart Pidgin.

14. Easy tho?


orangeHerHunny said...

Is it better than using UltraSurf..coz we've found a way to use it too and it seems less complicated.Like click n play.

Rembulan NagaGala said...

This article main point is to help Ubuntu users to use Pidgin with proxy server client.

I'm agreed with you as Ultrasurf is easier than Tor but Ultrasurf is a Windows-only software.

I tried to use Ultrasurf with WINE before but failed. Anyway, I would like to try open source software like Tor and I'm loving it ;)

Anonymous said...

I really wished your solution worked, because being in China doesn't help using Twitter or social networks in general.
Unfortunately, the plugins for µblogging doesn't look like working, even with SOCKS 5 proxy set to tor:
- Twitter: failure with SSL Connexion;
- Connexion ended because of too much delay.

Thanks for the post anyway. :)

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