Monday 11 August 2008

PROMED: My Opinion and Suggestions

Peace be upon all of you, Readers!

PROMED @ CS 08 tried to follow some of ACM-ICPC concept but I think there are lot of aspects that should be improved.

  • They should explain clearly in the contest rule about the IDE that will be provided during the contest. Instead of Java (JDK 1.5), they should mention Java (Eclipse/NetBeans IDE) in the contest rules to clear misunderstanding of participants who used Java to think that they are only allowed to use Notepad while C++ participants can use MS Visual C++!
  • They should provide Eclipse IDE too because most of Java developers preferred Eclipse more than NetBeans.
  • I don't know whether the judges have their own solution and answers in Java because Java and C++ treat floating number differently. If I'm wrong please informed me.
  • The lab condition: They should place the monitor at the centre of the table. They have two computers per table, why not using dual-monitor cloned view?
End of my views and opinion about this year PROMED and my first time joining PROMED. Feel free to give comments on my opinion and If you think I should listed more,fell free to tell me too.

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