Saturday, 7 March 2009

How to disable WebStrict in Sabily(f.k.a. Ubuntu Muslim Edition)

Hi everybody!

For this post, I would like to share some of my experience especially on using Sabily (formerly known as Ubuntu Muslim Edition) for first time.

What is WebStrict?

According to ; The Webstrict project Launcpad, WebStrict is a Java UI for DansGuardian, a parental control tool.

But, Maybe you are like me who doesn't like to use any parental control because the computer is used by only one person - you.

Ok,let's move on.

1. Go to System > Administration > Webstrict

2. Click Stop. And then click unlock.

3. Restart firefox if it still running.

4.Go to Edit > Preferences.
5. Click Advanced and go to Network tab. Click Settings.
6. Click "No Proxy" radio button. Now, DansGuardian no longer disturbing your surfing experienced.
I'm not going to say that WebStrict have useless functions (No offense) but I personally don't want my surfing experience disturbed. :)

I recommend WebStrict for free Internet kiosks to prevent user from downloading executables or parents who want to protect their children from offensive websites.


Kamilion said...

I love your desktop background. Found a low resolution copy on Nick Scipio's site, but it lacks the Bad Vista logo and the Piracy Improvements text.

Would you mind sharing the source for your desktop image, or the file itself?

Rembulan NagaGala said...

Nope, I don't made it myself. I don't remember where I downloaded it. :)

Check this out.

Kamilion said...

Thanks much, it's now my new desktop background!

Rembulan NagaGala said...

You're welcome :))

abu hanif said...

Thanks for the tutorial

Unknown said...

thans for your tutorial

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