Saturday 24 January 2009

Free Domain hosting!

Hi everybody!

I just want to inform all of you that this blog can also be accessed from new addresses which are

I got this free domain from which is a community project started by Malaysian ex-hacker turn security professional (Am|r) ; now a senior researcher in MyNIC (Malaysian Domain Registrar) for dnssec project.

Please feel free to try and support this community project. I'm quite satisfied despite some weaknesses existed in the service (Hey, It is a free service anyway! I will try to contribute something to this community project if I can).

Please add to your bookmark for more update from my blog.


Atika Ramlan said...

u mention ade weakness..apa dia ek?sbb sy dah buat takut apa2 jadik,nnti ilang plak my blog,xdpt nak backup ke apa ke..ttq

Rembulan NagaGala said...

Kelemahan yang saya perasan:

Bila kita ada buat subdomain utk domain *


kalau kita taip, kita x dapat akses laman atau blog yg kita set kat "URL Forwarding tu".

Tapi, bila kita masuk, ok pulak. Subdomain je yg boleh akses, domain x boleh walaupun kita dah set.

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