Friday 11 July 2008

ICPC Al-Khawarizmi 08 at IIUM

Assalamualaikum and Peace Be Upon all of you,

On 2nd-3rd July 2008, I went to International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Al-Khawarizmi 08 at International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

My university, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) for the first time, send 2 teams, Team A and Team B to this competition. Azuan (example010), Abrari, and Syazwan are Team A. Al-Hafiz,Aizat, and Aizuddin (me) are in Team B.

1st Day of ICPC

From right (standing): me, example010, Al-Hafiz, Abrari, Syazwan, spyjak

1st day,in the morning,registration time. We are the earliest participant who arrived at the venue. Then, every participant was introduced to all according to university in the Main Hall. At 2.00 pm, a mock test held to make us familiar with the ICPC OnlineJudge System and PC2.

2nd Day of ICPC - The Contest!

The contest day. My team only able to solve 1 question only (Square Numbers, the easiest question but a few team cannot solved it at all and accepted by the judges). I think it's OK for us, first timers. I will upload my solution and Al-Khawarizmi 08 questions later and also my comment and how to solve few questions that I discover the way after this competition.


Anonymous said...

erm..nampak mcm terer programming..nak tanya,tau tak Flex?leh tolong ajarkan tak??huhuhu....

Rembulan NagaGala said...

I'm sorry that I'm not very familiar with Flex :)

Anonymous said...

hait2. carik pasal khawarizmi 2009 jupe link blog ni. join khawarizmi 2009 x? regional kat manila sey tahun ni..anyway, jom bersatu hati training nak? kongsi solution..

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